Follow Me & R E S T

How far you go in life is measured by how deep you go with me.

The world tells you the more you push, the further you go but it’s quite the opposite. The more you rest in Me, the further you go. Full dependence on me is what produces fruit.

Do not lose sight of this truth. When you do, you will become anxious and filled with worry. You can rest knowing that I am in control and will direct your steps and open/shut doors.

The Goal is LOVE.

The goal I have set out for you is Love. This can only come from a pure heart, a good conscience and sincere faith. Spend more time with Me and allow me to transform your heart. Allow Me to spark the flame in your heart for dreams you have pushed down. I want to do this with you but I am asking you to choose Love. Spend time with Me and I will pour out my thoughts to you.